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Antenatal care

Specialist care for mothers and babies

It’s important to know you’ve always got someone to call when you’re expecting; someone who knows your history and takes the health of your pregnancy as seriously as you do.

We have appointments in the evenings and on Saturday mornings, so you don’t have to take any extra time off work. And if you have an urgent concern, we will always see you on the same day if you let the receptionist know.

Many of our doctors have additional qualifications in antenatal care, and Dr Kim Nguyen has a special interest in lactation medicine and offers lactation consultations.

We have lots of experience working under the shared care model, and we’re accredited with Mercy Hospital for Women, The Northern Hospital and The Royal Women’s Hospital.

After your baby’s born, you’ll have the benefit of a GP who knows your history, and your baby will have a doctor who has known him or her from the very beginning. (We’re lucky to have been here long enough for patients we knew as babies now to be bringing their own babies to us.)

To begin your antenatal care now, make an appointment below.