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General Practice

Comprehensive care for the whole family

The doctors who work at Eltham Clinic believe in working with you to find the answers to your health problems as efficiently and effectively as possible. That means always taking their time, while valuing yours.

It begins with allowing for long-enough appointments to listen carefully; that way your doctor can catch everything they need to, so they can get the next steps right. And if you have more than one thing to discuss, having longer appointment times saves you the cost and inconvenience of multiple appointments.

Valuing your time also means having the ability to do as much as possible in the clinic itself, so you’re not travelling unnecessarily between the waiting rooms of various healthcare providers. That might be treating a fracture, excising a skin cancer or giving you a yellow fever vaccination in time for your holiday. There is even pathology collection on site.

If you do need a referral, the doctors who work here have relationships with specialists we trust, and your doctor will liaise with them for you.

The doctors who work here also do their best not to keep you in the waiting room. Our receptionist will call if your doctor is running too late. You’re also not expected to come back just for test results or anything else that can be done on the phone. You don’t even have to wait at our onsite pathology lab: you can book an appointment in advance.

You’ll likely have a primary relationship with one of the doctors here, because it’s usually possible to see the same doctor every time, but if your doctor isn’t available, the doctors who work at the clinic share comprehensive notes so you’ll see someone who knows your history. (Most of our patients end up having relationships with more than one of the doctors here.)

If you’re looking for doctors who are committed to long-term relationships, education and preventative medicine, and who practise in a clinic that offers comprehensive services in a friendly atmosphere, they’d love to meet you.